Wednesday, August 16, 2006

'Tony's Chev'

'School Bus'

'Oliver Chev'

Three of Ron's paintings currently hanging at Tarbells Cafe in Cumberland where he is exhibiting with Clive Powsey (see invitation below).


John Salmon said...

Brilliant work Ron. Both Clive and yourself certainly complements one anothers work.

I'll be back. Great stuff.

Clive said...

Hey John, this is Clive; Ron has only just got his computer up and running and hasn't had time to get the blog thing together...I helped him set this up on my computer. He is planning to come round again we'll upload some new stuff shortly and then he'll start uploading all his new work from then on. Yeah, his watercolours really are super, and our paintings worked together in the show. Ron made some sales too, which was good. Ron says hello, and I hope he's got around to browsing other blogs like your own; we need a few more watercolour ones out there!

william wray said...

Like your subjects, I've been known to creep a junkyard or two mysef.

Anonymous said...

Ron, I absolutely adore old cars and trucks and looking at your site satisfies my hunger to see more of these. You are a wonderful interpreter of old vehicles. I look forward to seeing more.