Sunday, January 04, 2009

Beached Truck

This bit of silliness is just some brush fun...bink it!


Pamela Payne said...

I like the car...nicely done....but the truck put an ear to ear grin on my face....FANTASTIC!!

Ron Morrison said...

ted it in the dark when our power went out.

BoneDaddy said...

First one-
I like how it all goes back to nature--whatever the color of the truck, it'll always return to earth colors and earth elements over the time it rests in peace!
Second one-
It looks like the hill behind is almost taking on the shape of a car itself, the vertical drops look like windows! This car is living in the shadow of a monstrous ghost.

Ron Morrison said...

Thanks, Grimm the second one is actually going to be eaten by a house that has a roof with grass growing on it...obviously the idea needs refining.